Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really Food industry recruitment Specialists?

The Food & Drink industry is the only industry we work in. It’s been this way since the business was established in 2002. We are genuine Food Industry recruitment specialists.  

What Service options are available?

Standard Service £495

Premium Service £1095


How do I pay for the service?

You will receive an Invoice to cover the cost of the service. No other costs are involved. There are no hidden extras.


When will my vacancy "go live"?

It takes less than 24 hours from making contact to seeing your vacancy “live”.


Why do you charge a Flat Fee?

We believe a Fee Structure requiring Recruiters to be more transparent can only benefit the Customer who know exactly what they will pay. The Flat Fee Structure also ensures we can provide the service at a considerably lower price than a traditional recruitment agency, without compromising on the quality of service.


How much can I save on recruitment costs?

The average salary of a vacancy we work on is £33,000 pa and a traditional recruitment consultancy would charge 15% of salary to recruit for the role, equating to a recruitment fee of £4950. We charge £495, saving £4450, equivalent to a 90% saving on recruitment fees. For higher salaried positions the savings are even greater.   


Do you offer a Guarantee on the service if I don’t recruit anyone?

Yes. We provide a Service Guarantee. If we are not able to provide a shortlist of at least five suitable candidates to enable you to fill your vacancy after the initial 28-days of service, or if your chosen candidate declines your job offer, we will re-advertise your vacancy on the major job sites and search CV's for a further 28-days.


Do you offer a Guarantee on the candidate I choose to employ?

Yes. We provide a 14-day Guarantee once your chosen candidate commences employment. So if they leave your business or prove to be unsuitable, we will provide our full service for an additional 28-days.


How do we get started?

We will assess suitability for our service and discuss vacancy criteria and skills and experience required. We will then produce a job advert that meets your approval. Your job advertisement will go live across our network of recruitment job boards, social media and other portals. We simultaneously search our internal and external databases for suitable food professionals.  


Is my vacancy suitable for your recruitment service?

The overwhelming majority of vacancies are suitable for the Food Recruit service. However, we are completely transparent and will not work on a Job Vacancy where experience tells us the likelihood of producing a comprehensive shortlist of candidates is low.


What percentage of vacancies do you successfully fill?

We fill 90%+ of the vacancies we work on.


How long does the recruitment service last?

The Recruitment Service lasts 28-days, during which time we will work hard to ensure you receive enough suitable candidates to make a successful appointment to the role.


Who will manage my Job Vacancy?

You will be given the name of a recruitment consultant assigned to your vacancy with direct email and telephone number provided. Your dedicated consultant will be experienced within the recruitment of Food industry professionals.


Are there any Hidden costs?

There are No hidden costs. You pay a low one-off flat fee and that is all. No hidden charges, and no extra charges if you recruitment more than one person.


Why should I use you instead of a traditional recruitment consultancy?

We are Food Industry specialists, we don’t recruit for any other sectors. Customers have the opportunity to utilise our wealth of experience and vast network of contacts including our database of 40,000 GDPR compliant UK Food Industry professionals. We reduce cost-per-hire saving our customers an average 90% on their recruitment fees when compared to traditional recruitment agents. We commence the service quickly without upfront payment and guarantee your vacancy will be managed by a recruitment consultant experienced in recruiting Food Manufacturing professionals. We offer honest advice and with a success rate of 90%+ and comprehensive Guarantee, customers have the security of knowing their financial risk is minimal.  


What is your incentive to fill my vacancy?

If we don't provide customers with a comprehensive shortlist of candidates our comprehensive Guarantee is triggered and we offer our full service a second time, at considerable cost to us. As we work to tight margins, we are motivated to provide a great service to the customer first time around, so they don’t use the Guarantee and we don’t incur further costs. Our interests are aligned with that of our customers in finding suitable candidates quickly. Avoiding additional costs gives us all the motivation we need to quickly and successfully assist you in filling your vacancy at the first time of asking.


Do you cover all Salary levels?

We cover salary levels from £20,000 pa to £100,000 pa. 80% of the vacancies we assist with fall within a Salary range of £28,000 pa - £60,000 pa.


Do you cover all Job Disciplines?

We cover all Job Disciplines within the Food & Drink industry.


What geographical areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK


Do you cover Temporary positions as well as Permanent?

We cover both Contract and Permanent positions.


The Cost and Service sounds great, what's the catch?

There is no catch. The price may be low but the quality of service is high. The combination of charging a flat fee, operating efficient systems, conducting most of our work online and utilising the skills of experienced Food sector recruiters means our costs are substantially lower than traditional recruitment agencies.


What is the difference between you and a traditional recruitment agency?

In terms of service there is very little difference. The process of identifying candidates is the same. Both methods involve advertising the position and searching internal and external databases of candidates. Both methods involve cross-referencing candidate skills and experience against the requirements of the job. One difference is the flat fee we charge at the start of the process, another is the streamlined way we operate having removed non-essential elements that don’t add value. These factors enable our customers to save an average 90% in cost, compared to using a traditional recruitment consultancy, without compromising the quality of service provided.


What if I am already using a traditional recruitment agency to help me fill a vacancy?

Unless you have signed a ‘sole agency agreement’ you are free to immediately use our recruitment service and save £000’s. Many of our customers have considered using a traditional recruitment agency but have not done so due to cost or have used them previously and felt they didn’t provide value for money. Customers who have switched their vacancies to Food Recruit have been quick to recognise the benefits of using a Food & Drink specialist and the £000's saved on recruitment costs. 


Do you provide names and contact details for the Applicants?

Yes. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies we provide names, telephone number, address and email information for each candidate so you can contact candidates directly with our standard service. With our premium service, we still provide contact information, however we contact candidates on your behalf to organise, arrange and confirm interviews.


How are applicants screened?

Every candidate is screened against the Job and Person Specification discussed at the beginning of the process. We fully grasp the skills and experience you are seeking and probe on company culture and the type of character who will fit into your culture. We find talent that meets your expectations of what good looks like.


Where will my job vacancy appear?

Your vacancy will appear across leading job boards, encompassing General, National and Regional job sites, Food Industry job boards, and Discipline specific sites (i.e. Sales, HR, Engineering etc).

Your vacancy will also appear on social medial such as LinkedIn. Please contact us for an up-to-date list of exact job boards where your vacancy will appear. When your vacancy 'goes live' it will appear on 10–20 job boards and we will send you a selection of links so you can view vacancy live. We also contact ‘passive’ candidates on your behalf, tell them about your vacancy and encourage them to apply.


How often will you update me on the progress during the recruitment campaign?

We provide a personal service ensuring the recruitment process runs smoothly and this includes bi-weekly calls and contact to update you on progress and discuss applications.


I want to recruit two People in different roles, Do I have to pay twice?

No. You pay a one-off flat fee for the service. You can recruit as many candidates into as many different positions as you wish. You will incur no further costs.


I want to recruit two People in the same role, do I have to pay twice?

No. You pay a one-off flat fee for the service. From the applications you receive you are free to recruit as many people as you wish, at no extra cost.


I have a number of different vacancies to fill, do you provide a discount for volume?

If you are looking to recruit for a number of roles (6+), we can negotiate a bespoke package.


Am I better off recruiting myself?

Advertising yourself on two or three job boards costs a similar amount of money as our standard £495 service. It’s a risk as the advertising may not work and you are pinning your hopes on a narrow subset of job boards. There is also the Recruitment Administration to manage, such as reviewing all applications, replying to unsuitable applicants, fielding phone calls. For the same price as advertising on two or three job boards Food Recruit will manage the recruitment process and candidate administration, provide advertising on 10+ job boards across the leading Food industry job sites, National, Regional and Specialist job boards. We also search LinkedIn and external CV Databases that contain 20+ million CV’s. We don’t just sit back and wait for applications to come in, we contact relevant people and ask them if they could be interested in your vacancy. Our customers believe rather than juggle recruitment with their day-to-day tasks, it is better to pay a modest fee and enjoy dedicated support from experienced industry consultants, acting proactively on their behalf.


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