Are you really Food industry recruitment Specialists?

We set up in 2002 with the sole aim to assist Food Industry companies with their recruitment needs and as such focus our efforts entirely on the Food sector. We do not recruit for any other sectors. We are genuine Food Industry specialists with a combined 25+ years experience of recruiting in the sector. 

How can you be 90% cheaper than a traditional recruitment consultancy?

Traditional recruitment consultancies only generate income on 10%-20% of the permanent vacancies they work on. This is why their fees are high; They are, in effect, charging you for the time they spend on the 80%-90% of work they do, that doesn't generate any income. Imagine if recruitment consultants generated income on 100% of the vacancies they worked on, they would be able to dramatically reduce their fees.

Because we charge a flat fee and generate income on 100% of the vacancies we work on, our fees can be 90% lower than a traditional recruitment consultancy. If we didn’t charge a flat fee this would not be possible.

Do you offer a Guarantee if I don’t recruit anyone?

By exposing your vacancy to a wide range of food industry job boards, general, national, regional and specialist job sites, we are maximising your opportunity to successfully recruit for your vacancy. On top of the job advertising we also search your vacancy against our internal database of 20,000+ food professionals and 12 million+ candidates on the leading external CV databases and contact the candidates who match your vacancy. However, if we are not able to provide an adequate shortlist to enable you to fill your vacancy after the initial 28-days of service, we will either:

1. Re-advertise your vacancy on the major job sites and search CV's for a further 28-days, OR 

2. Add a credit to your Account to allow you 6 months to use our recruitment service on a new vacancy

Do you offer a Guarantee once my selected candidate commences working for me?

We provide a 14-day Guarantee once your chosen candidate commences employment. So if they leave your business or prove to be unsuitable, we will provide our service for an additional 28-days. This includes full job board advertising and CV searching to enable you to recruit a replacement free of charge.

Your fee is much lower than a traditional recruitment agency, so how does your service compare with a traditional recruiter?

We provide a high quality recruitment service on a par with, or surpassing, a traditional recruitment consultancy. Our customers have been quick to recognise that we will dramatically reduce their recruitment costs without compromising service levels.

How do I pay for the service?

You will receive confirmation of your booking and invoice. Once the invoice is settled (PayPal, BACS, CHAPS, Cheque) the service will commence and your job advert will usually go live on the same day. There are no further costs.

Is my vacancy suitable for your recruitment service?

The vast majority of Food Industry vacancies (95%) are suitable for our service. We have spent many years placing online job adverts on behalf of Food sector clients and understand where to advertise, how to advertise and likely outcomes. However, if our experience tells us that your vacancy is going to be extremely difficult to recruit for, we will tell you so and recommend an alternate course of action.  

We are completely transparent and honest with our customers. We will not take on a vacancy where experience tells us it will be extremely difficult for us to forward a comprehensive shortlist of candidates.

Fortunately, 95% of Food industry jobs are suitable for our FoodRecruit service.

What type of positions are NOT suitable for your service?

Only 5% of Food Industry vacancies are unsuitable for our service. An example of a vacancy that may not be suitable could be a position where we believe the salary offered is significantly lower than the market rate. Also, certain vacancies may be unsuitable if the 'must have' experience is too narrow, such as an 'Agronomist with Citrus Purchasing experience and fluency in Portuguese'.

Our policy is to be honest, so if a vacancy is not suitable for our FoodRecruit service we will tell you. We need our customers to use the service successfully, as this is the only way we can rely on repeat custom.   

How many vacancies do you successfully fill?

We fill 90% plus of the vacancies we take on, as we will only take on a vacancy where our experience tells us there is a genuine opportunity to fill the vacancy.

What Service options do you offer?

We offer two options. Our most popular and cost effective option is our Standard Recruitment Service which costs a flat fee of £495 with nothing further to pay.

The only difference between our Standard Recruitment Service and a traditional recruitment consultancy service is that with FoodRecruit, the employer contacts the candidates directly to arrange the interviews. This largely seen as a positive as most employers prefer contacting the candidates directly anyway, rather than having to go through a recruitment consultant, as it gives the employer more control and accelerates the recruitment process. 

With our Premium Recruitment Service, we manage the whole recruitment process in exactly the same way as a traditional recruitment consultancy would. We telephone interview candidates, arrange interviews with the prospective employer, manage job offers, provide advice on salary levels, and remain in constant contact with the employee until the day they commence the employment. Our Premium Recruitment Service costs a flat fee of £995 with nothing further to pay.

Do you offer any Optional Extras?

Yes, customers can add any of the following services to their recruitment campaign as an additional service: Executive Search/Headhunt, Fully Branded Display Adverts, Video Enabled Job Applications, Psychometric Testing & Job Match, CV Verification & Background checks.

When will my vacancy "go live"?

It typically takes less than 24 hours from placing a vacancy with us, to seeing it live and receiving online applications. As soon as you provide information on your vacancy we will create a job advert web optimised with keywords for your approval. Any amendments you require will be made immediately by your dedicated Recruitment Consultant. Once fully approved your job advertisement will go “live” across our entire network of recruitment job boards, social media and other portals. We simultaneously search our internal and external databases for suitable food professionals.   

How long does the recruitment service last?

The Recruitment Service lasts for 28-days, during which time we will work hard to ensure your recruitment campaign is providing enough suitable Food Industry candidates for you to fill your vacancy.

I want to recruit 2 Shift Supervisors, do I have to pay twice?

No, you only pay once, just £495. We will send you a comprehensive shortlist of candidates to enable you to recruit 2 Shift Supervisors for a total cost of £495. 

You can recruit multiple candidates for the cost of one flat fee payment. Whether you decide to recruit one, two or three employees, the cost to you will be the same, just £495 for our standard service. 

I have a number of different vacancies to fill, will you provide a discount for volume?

Yes we can offer you a discount if you have a number of vacancies to fill. We have the flexibility to tailor a reduced price service package to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss further.

You have sent me a candidate I might want to recruit in 6 months-time for a different position. Is this okay? And will I have to pay again?

This is completely fine and No you will not have to pay again. The £495 you pay enables you to recruit an unlimited number of candidates we send you, and there is no time limit to recruit.

You have sent me a candidate that could be suitable for a different vacancy. If I recruit them for the different vacancy will I have to pay again?

No, you will not have to pay again. If you think a candidate may be right for a different vacancy, you can go ahead and recruit them with nothing further to pay.

Do I get one person to speak to?

Absolutely. You have a personal Recruitment Consultant assigned to you with direct email and direct telephone number provided. Your dedicated consultant will be experienced within the recruitment of professionals for the Food Industry.

What are the Hidden costs?

There are No hidden costs. Pay one flat fee at the beginning, and there is nothing further to pay. Customers love the low cost and transparency of our service. Where a traditional recruitment consultancy will invoice for £000's when you recruit someone, this will never happen with our service.

How do we get started?

Complete the send us a job section, call us, email us, or request a call back and have us call you at a suitable time.

Where will my job vacancy appear?

Your vacancy will appear across all the leading job boards, encompassing General, National and Regional job boards, Food Industry job boards, and Discipline specific sites (i.e. sales, HR, engineering etc).

Your vacancy will also appear on Social Medial such as LinkedIn, and Twitter. Please contact us for an up-to-date list of exact job boards where your vacancy will appear.

When your vacancy 'goes live' it will appear on circa 15 job boards. We will send you a wide selection of links to these job boards, so you can see your vacancy live on the job sites.

Why should I use you instead of a traditional recruitment consultancy?

1.) We are a Food Industry specialist, we don’t recruit for any other sectors
2.) We have a track record of offering our services exclusively to the Food Industry since 2002
3.) Our costs are on average 90% cheaper than a traditional recruitment consultancy
4.) Our success rate is 90%+ and our comprehensive Guarantee ensures you do not miss out if we are unsuccessful
5.) Our knowledge of the Food Industry allows us to offer sound honest advice. We will not accept your vacancy if we think our service is unlikely to result in you filling the position.

Why is the service so cheap?

The price may be low but the quality of service is high. Because we charge an upfront flat fee and utilise efficient systems, online jobs boards and CV databases, our costs are substantially lower than a traditional recruitment consultancy; In fact 90% cheaper based on vacancy with a salary of £33k pa.

What happens once I have instructed you?

Once you’ve instructed us to assist you with the recruitment of your vacancy, we’ll arrange a suitable time for an experienced Food Industry Recruitment Consultant to call and discuss the person specification and job description. We may also want to discuss other aspects of the role, your company and background to the vacancy to ensure we have a thorough understanding.

Why do you charge an upfront fee?

The upfront fee go towards the time it takes to discuss the vacancy, compose a web optimised job advert, market the vacancy on a full range of general, regional, national, discipline specific and food industry jobs boards, search for candidates on several CV databases and responding to all candidate applications and client queries.

How much money can I save on recruitment costs?

The average salary of a vacancy we work on is £33k pa and we would charge £495 to recruit for such a role. A recruitment consultancy would typically charge 15% of salary to recruit for the role, which equates to a fee of £4950. We would therefore save you £4455 which equates to a 90% saving for you. With higher salaried positions the savings are even greater.

We have a Savings Calculator where you can find out how much you can save compared to using a traditional recruitment consultancy. Please use our savings calculator

What is your incentive to fill my vacancy?

If we don't provide a comprehensive shortlist of candidates within the first 28-days, we guarantee to provide you with an additional 28-days of advertising and CV searching, at substantial cost to our business. As we work to tight margins, we need to 'get it right' in the first 28-days, to save us the additional cost of re-advertising your vacancy and searching CV's for a further 28-days. 

If we don’t succeed in the initial 28-days, our business will fail!! This gives us all the motivation we need to quickly and successfully assist you in filling your vacancy!!  

Do you cover all Salary levels?

We cover Food Industry vacancies with salaries from £18k to £100k pa and also cover Interim and Contract roles.  

What job disciples do you cover?

Our skill lies in identifying candidates and assisting customers who want to recruit personnel with Food Industry experience, particularly within the following job disciplines:

Category/Brand Management

Chef/Culinary Compliance/Risk 
Continuous Improvement/Lean Distribution Engineering 
Finance General Management Health & Safety/Environment 
Human Resources Hygiene Laboratory/Scientific 
Marketing Manufacturing Materials Management 
Operations Packaging Planning 
Process Product Development Purchasing 
Quality & Technical Sales/Account Management Senior Appointments 
Supply Chain Merchandising Grocery/Retail 

What geographical areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK, as well as European and International roles

Can you assist me with Interim roles as well as Permanent?

Yes. We can quickly identify candidates for Interim roles and post vacancies to leading Interim Management job boards.

What's the catch?

There isn't one! We are genuine Food Industry recruitment consultants and we assist our clients both Nationally and Internationally. Our recruitment services provide customers with substantial savings and a genuine alternative to a traditional recruitment consultancy.

What is the difference between you and a traditional recruitment consultancy?

In terms of service there is very little difference (if anything!) between the service we provide and that provided by a traditional recruitment consultancy. However, one difference that does exist is the much lower cost base we operate at, compared to many traditional recruiters.

We have done away with all non-essential elements of recruitment, elements that don’t help the customer fill their vacancy. We use cost effective online methodologies and charge a flat fee at the start of the process. These factors combined enable our customers to save an average 90% in cost, compared to using a traditional recruitment business. And all this without compromising the quality of service provided.

Why will an internet based recruitment service like yours fill my vacancy?

The internet has become the main driver of candidate applications for all recruitment consultancies. Traditional recruiters are being challenged by web-based recruiters buoyed by the fact that more than 80% of UK job seekers use the Internet as their primary job search tool. Making job applications electronically has several advantages as it's fast, simple and inexpensive.

Our online network achieves over 70 million job searches a month. We have established working relationships with the major job boards across general, regional and food related job boards and our customers have been quick to take advantage of our candidate reach.

What if I am already using a traditional recruitment agency to help me fill a vacancy?

Unless you have signed a sole agency agreement then you are free to immediately use our recruitment service and potentially save £000’s. Many of our customers have started out using traditional recruiters but have been disappointed with the service and cost, so have switched their vacancy to FoodRecuit. They have been quick to recognise that we are food recruitment experts and able to save them £000's on each individual they recruit. 

Do you leave the names and contact details on the CV’s you send us?

Yes, unlike traditional recruitment consultancies we leave names, telephone numbers, address, and email information on the CV’s so that you can contact candidates at your leisure. If you receive a number of strong candidates you may recruit one immediately, and then recruit another a few months later. We would not charge you any extra for this.

How are applicants screened?

Applicants are professionally screened using the job description and person specification we agree with you at the outset. We have been screening candidates exclusively in the Food Industry since 2002, so rest assured we have the experience to identify the applicants that best match your requirements. Once screened, all candidates will receive notification as to whether they have been unsuccessful or successful in reaching the next stage of the selection process. With our Premium Recruitment Service, we conduct telephone interviews with your preferred candidates.

Will my company Logo be displayed on the vacancy advert?

Yes, your logo can appear on certain job boards, with your permission, including leading Food job boards. We also advertise your vacancy under the FoodRecruit and FoodCareers logo's. With regard to the job advert text, we understand that some roles are confidential so we can tailor your advert to make no mention of your company name, or are happy to mention your company name, if you prefer.

As an optional extra we can provide fully branded display and semi-display adverts on leading recruitment sites at reduced cost. Contact us for further information.

How will you update me as to the progress of my recruitment campaign?

You will receive weekly or bi-weekly updates with an appraisal and CV’s for relevant candidates. Your dedicated Recruitment Consultant may also call you from time to time to discuss your recruitment campaign.

What are your opening times?

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 19.00pm

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