Flat Fee Recruitment Explained

How can you be 90% cheaper than a traditional recruitment agency?

To answer this question, firstly consider that traditional recruitment agencies recruiting for Permanent vacancies offer their service on a “no find no fee” basis and therefore only generate a fee when a successful placement is made. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can prevent a traditional recruiter from making a successful placement and generating a fee.

For example, a company recruiting may decide not to recruit, they may appoint an internal candidate, perhaps appoint someone through an employee referral, or appoint via a job application on their website or through job adverts they have placed themselves. Even if a company recruits through a recruitment agency, they may have asked four different agencies to supply candidates, meaning that three of the four will miss out on a fee.

Due to the difficulties making a successful placement combined with the “no find no fee” model, it is estimated that traditional recruitment agencies only generate a fee on 10%-20% of the vacancies they try and fill. This is why their fees are high; In effect they are charging customers for the time they spend on the 80%-90% of work they do that doesn’t generate a fee!

Because we charge a flat fee and generate income on 100% of the vacancies we work on, our fees can be 90% lower than a traditional recruitment consultancy. We guarantee to reduce your cost-per-hire.   

Same Service Lower Cost

There is little, if any, difference between the recruitment services we provide and that of a traditional recruitment consultancy. Our low cost service is based upon traditional recruitment consultancy values including industry knowledge, market advice, salary advice, and transparency so that employers know upfront exactly what they will be paying for the recruitment service.

Each customer is given one point of contact to manage their vacancy, and our experience and professionalism helps guide customers through the process from formulating the job description to forwarding relevant candidates, ensuring a smooth journey all the way through the recruitment process.

Priced at £495, our standard service is the most popular option for customers, and is successful in 90%+ of recruitment campaigns, enabling customers to recruit one or more employees for a one-off low fee.

We have a combined experience of 30+ years, serving the recruitment needs of the Food Industry, making us ideally placed to assist food businesses across a wide-range of job disciplines.

We charge much lower fees. For example, with a £40,000 pa vacancy you would save between £5505 - £6705 using our recruitment service compared to an average recruitment commission of 15%-18%. 

We are specialists. We only recruit for the Food Industry, so have in depth industry knowledge and substantial experience of assisting Food Industry clients with recruitment matters. 

We have a huge online presence and will ensure that your vacancy is available to the widest possible audience of candidates across, regional, national, general, and specialist (food industry) jobs boards.

We offer transparency and charge the Flat Fee at the start of the process with nothing further to pay. Customers know exactly what they are paying at the outset. Traditional recruitment consultancies will charge a much larger fee based on a percentage of the employee salary.

We leave contact details on CV’s so that employers have direct access to candidates which speeds up the process of arranging interviews and making job offers.

We access our internal database of 40,000+ food professionals and external CV databases holding 20 million + CV’s. Traditional general recruitment consultancies will lack the scope and access to thousands of Food professionals which is at the core of our service.

Our service combines all the key elements of recruitment consultancy (industry knowledge, candidate reach) with the power of Internet, all for a much, much lower fee.

Find out how much our service could save you compared to a traditional recruitment consultancy, please click on our Savings Calculator or call us to discuss a recruitment matter

Vacancy suitability for Flat Fee Recruitment

Our business has been working exclusively within Food Industry recruitment and advertising food industry jobs online for over 18 years. We know what works and can confidently state that we fill 90% + of Food Industry vacancies using our flat-fee service.

If your vacancy isn’t suitable for our flat fee model we will tell you so and recommend a recruitment solution that is more appropriate. We will only offer the flat-fee model if experience tells us there is a 90% likelihood of making a successful appointment. 

We won’t take your money and not deliver. To be sustainable, our low-cost flat-fee model requires i.) successful appointments to be made, ii.) repeat business. For employers to come back to us, we need to fill vacancies. We will only work on a job vacancy where we know we will be able to attract enough relevant canddiates to make the placement.

Over 90% of Food Industry vacancies are suitable for our service. For vacancies that are not suitable for our service, we will inform you of more appropriate recruitment services as part of our consultative and transparent approach. 

Submit a vacancy - Please send us details of your vacancy and we will provide advice on the most appropriate method of recruitment. 

Why Flat-Fee Online Recruitment Works

Fact No: 1 – In 2019, 95% of jobseekers use the internet as their main tool when searching for their next job.

Fact No: 2 - In 2019, 93% of UK households had internet access.

Fact No: 4 - In 2019, 87% of UK adults access the internet every day or nearly every day.

Fact No: 5 – In 2019, 84% of UK adults had used the internet “on the go”, via mobile, smartphone, laptop, tablet or handheld device.

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